Perform Procurement Transfer Stock

To perform procurement and transfer stock, open SAP Fiori App → Manage Purchase Requisitions.

Manage Requisitions

Select Filters → More Filters, enter the Material # and choose OK. Key in the material number and click the Go button.

Filter Bar

You can view the sources in column Assigned Supplier. Select PR and click Create Purchase Order and note down the PO#.

Next, open Fiori app → My Purchasing Document Items.

Purchase Document

In field Search, enter the material number and click Go. Select Purchase Order from the list and choose Post Goods Receipt for PO. Select storage location for goods receipt and PO item. Click the Post button.

Create a Supplier Invoice for Your PO

Create Supplier Invoice

Enter the Transaction Invoice, key in the Invoice Date today, Company Code, and Gross Invoice Amount Select References Purchase Order. Then, key in your PO number and click Create Item.

To post invoice and generate Invoice #, click Post.

Incoming Invoice

Check the Stock for Material

Start the app Stock (Single Material) in your group Materials Management & Inventory Management on the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

Enter the material number in the field Material on the top of the screen and press Enter.

Stock Material

You can see the stock information for material on the screen. Note down the quantities of unrestricted-use stock and blocked stock.

You can transfer the whole quantity from blocked stock to unrestricted-use stock.

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