SAP Simple Logistics - Invoice Management

With SAP S/4 HANA Logistics, you can perform invoice processing, accounts payable and invoice collaboration. With the use of different Invoice apps, S/4 HANA provides business users the possibility to create supplier invoices with or without referencing to a purchase order.

In addition to the Fiori Apps, GUI transactions can also be started out of the Fiori Launchpad such as Create Supplier Invoice Advanced.

Following functions are available under Invoice Management −

  • Invoice Processing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Invoice Collaboration

With the Supplier Invoice List and the Create Supplier Invoice apps, S/4 HANA offers business users the possibility to view and directly correct inaccurate supplier invoices. Integration capabilities between the apps and object pages accelerate the completion of processing supplier invoices.

Display Invoice

For Operational Procurement, as also for Invoice and Payables Management, new Fiori Apps are released. With the Fiori App Create Supplier Invoice, invoices can be created with or without reference to a Purchase Order.

SAP S/4 HANA Invoices Fiori App functions

  • The business user can directly view draft invoices coming from Ariba Network and can create the supplier invoice directly using the available data.

  • Reverse and release action in already created supplier invoices.

  • Flexible and dynamic search capabilities in Supplier Invoice List.

  • Integration with object pages.

Invoice Function

With the Fiori App Supplier Invoice List, users can flexibly search for supplier invoice with the dynamic search options in the smart filter bar. The processing and updating of supplier invoices is more user-friendly and accelerated.

To increase process efficiency, supplier invoices which were sent from suppliers via the Ariba Network, show up as draft invoices in the Supplier Invoice List and can be converted into complete Supplier Invoices.

Invoice List

Supplier Invoice

In addition to the Fiori Apps, GUI transactions can also be started out of the Fiori Launchpad such as the Create Supplier Invoice Advanced.

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