Salesforce - Using Forms

Salesforce is a data-driven platform. So viewing and editing data in its apps is a fundamental requirement. Like the traditional HTML forms, we can create similar forms in Saleforce for editing the data in Salesforce.

Creating Input Form

The Input forms are created using a Visualforce page. We open a new Visualforce page by using the path Developer Console → File → New → Visualforce Page. We write the code as shown below which uses Contact as the standard controller and the purpose is to edit the values in the 3 fields - Name, Email and Phone.

visulaforce forms code 1

Upon running the above code for the visualforce page, we get the following output..

visulaforce forms result 1

But we can improve the above form further by aligning the fields to one column and putting all the input fields and labels into a block. The code given below shows how we add a section and block to the form and also put the fields in one column.

visulaforce forms code 2

Upon running the above code for the Visualforce page, we receive the following output.

visulaforce forms result 2