Salesforce - Custom Objects

The organization’s data will always not fit into the existing standard objects. So we can extend and customize many sales force objects to meet this need. For example, a courier company can create a custom object to store the schedule and dispatch details for every week. So these objects store the data that is unique to the business. The custom objects can also have custom fields along with the standard fields available in Salesforce.

Custom Object features

Following are the features available on Custom Objects. The features help you perform the following features −

  • Build page layouts to control which fields users can view and edit when entering data for the custom object record.

  • Import custom object records.

  • Create reports and dashboards to analyze custom object data.

  • Create a custom tab for the custom object, to display the object’s data.

  • Track tasks and events for custom object records.

  • Import custom object records.

Create a Custom Object

To create a custom object, we go to the line path as shown in the following screenshot −

custom object 1

Now we fill in the details of the custom object we want to create. There are mandatory fields which should be filled before the object can be saved. In our case, we give the object a name called Delivery schedule and save it.

custom object 2

Create a Custom Field

To Add more granularity to the business data, we can add custom fields on the custom object we created. In this case, let us add a field called delivery date to the custom object named Delivery schedule. To do this, we follow the path Setup Home → Objects and Fields → Object Manager → Deliver Schedule. Later, scroll down to the Fields and Relationship tab and click New. The page to add custom field appears wherein, we fill the details as shown below.

custom object 3

Next, we can verify the successful addition of the above custom field by following the same link path as above. The custom field appears as shown in the following screenshot −

custom object 4