Grav - Page Editor Options


In this chapter, we will study about the Page Editor options in Grav administration panel. This is a dynamic text editor that allows you to create the content of your page. In addition, you can add media files in the pages. You can see the features of the options tab as shown below.

Grav Page Editor Options

The Options tab contains two sections −

  • Publishing
  • Taxonomies


This section is used to set the dates and time to publish and unpublish the page. You will have full control over the content to publish or unpublish and you can create the metadata values for the particular page.

Grav Page Editor Options

Following fields are present in the publishing section −

  • Published − By default, the page is set to Yes, i.e., published. By selecting No you can unpublish the page.

  • Date − Set the date and time for the page.

  • Published Date − Set the date and time to publish the page automatically.

  • Unpublished Date − Set the date and time to unpublish the page automatically.

  • Metadata − Set the metadata values that will get displayed on all pages.


In this section, you can display categories on the page and configure your page and its structural properties.

Grav Page Editor Options

Following fields are present in the taxonomies section.

  • Category − It sets the categories for the page. It helps in sorting and filtering of the content.

  • Tag − It provides information of what your page is about. It helps in organization and filtering of the content.

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