Grav - Configuration System

In this chapter, we will study about the Configuration System in Grav's Administration Panel. You can directly configure the settings of your site's system with the help of the Configuration page. Furthermore, you will see a brief explanation of your server's properties including PHP, server environment, and other several components that regulate how your site performs.

The System tab allows you to modify the settings in the /user/config/system.yaml file. This affects many primary systems related features of Grav's operation. The settings can be divided into different sections that show you different features of Grav's performance.

Below is a detailed list of the configuration sections that are displayed in the systems tab −


In this section, you can fix the basic properties of Content handling for your site as shown below.

grav configuration system


You can set the Multi language features in this area as shown below.

grav configuration system

HTTP Headers

This section is used to set the HTTP Headers options. This setting helps in the browser based caching and optimization.

grav configuration system


In this section, we will study about how Grav manages Markdown and its features to enable Markdown Extra. It helps the user and makes up the bulk of Grav's page content.

grav configuration system


In this section, you can configure your site's primary Caching functions. Grav has combined the caching feature that helps to build the fastest flat-file CMS options for the users.

grav configuration system

Twig Templating

In this section, Grav highlights its Twig templating features. You can configure Twig caching, debug and modify tracking down setting here.

grav configuration system


This section is used to handle the assets, including CSS and JavaScript assets as shown below.

grav configuration system

Error Handler

During the time of site development, this section is very useful to manage the Grav error reporting.

grav configuration system


This is similar to error handling, the debugging tools are integrated in Grav to locate and troubleshoot errors.

grav configuration system


This section is used to manage the media content of Grav. You can configure the Image quality, file upload size and many media handling options here.

grav configuration system


The features mentioned below help you enable session support.

grav configuration system


In this section, you will see the advanced system options.

grav configuration system