Grav - Overview

Grav is a flat-file based content management system. This system does not use database to store the content, instead it uses a text (.txt) file or a markdown (.md) file to store the content. The flat-file part refers to the readable text and it handles the content in an easy way which can be simple for a developer.

Grav was developed by the Rocket Theme team. It runs on PHP and is an open-source CMS like Joomla, Wordpress or Drupal.

Why Grav?

Grav is now the fastest flat-file content management system. It is easier to publish and manage content with Grav. It allows a developer to handle content very easily by storing content in files (such as text or markdown files) rather than in database.

Grav helps you build a simple, manageable and a quick site. It costs less than the database driven CMS and is useful with I/O for file handling, when you don't have enough resources.

Features of Grav