Why you should learn Microsoft Office Suite at a professional level?

Microsoft Office is a tool that most computer users across the globe use as a part of their daily lives with professionally or personally. The tool is so intertwined in the activities that we use at all levels of requirements – just from simply typing in a word document to using excel sheets at a complex level.

When it comes to a professional level of learning, students and professionals look at acquiring deeper knowledge in software and technologies but tend to not realize the importance of MS Suite that is indispensable at every aspect of work. With decade-plus years of experience in training millions of learners in various technologies across the globe, the career guidance experts at TutorialsPoint are explaining the importance of learning MS Suite at a professional level.

As you move on in this post, you will find answers to questions such as:

  • What is MS Suite?
  • Why you should learn MS Suite at a professional level?
  • How to showcase your MS proficiency in your resume in an effective way?
  • What are the free online resources to learn MS Suite?

What is MS Suite?

Microsoft Office Suite is a bunch of programs that make our tasks easier and are designed mainly to increase work productivity. These programs are available in the form of standalone desktop applications or in the form of web applications too.

The MS Suite comprises the following applications 7minus;

  • Microsoft Word - A word processing tool, where you can write, save, share and add many features to your words.

  • Microsoft Excel – A spreadsheet program that lets you analyze and visualize your data.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint – A presentation maker where you can create and make slides and share your ideas in the form of presentations.

  • Microsoft Outlook – A scheduler that is handy to share used for email and calendar management

  • Microsoft Access – A database management program that lets you create a custom database and process data

  • Microsoft OneNote – A note-taking application where you can save your ideas in the form of notes.

Why you should learn MS Suite at a professional level?

When it comes to learning MS Suite at a professional level or getting certified in those tools, you must be thinking is it worth the effort. It is undeniable that every role irrespective of what you do in your daily job demands a knowledge of MS Office tools. However, when you master them at an expert level, there are high chances that you can make your mark in your profession or academics. Intrigued? Let’s see how −

Industry Sought-After Skill

Interestingly knowledge in MS Suite is a skill that is in demand across many job roles – ranging from accountant to CA, from writer to manager, from office administration to CEO level. Recruiting experts to share that proficiency in MS Office is, in fact, one of the most sought after skills in the industry and is one of the top 3 skills desired by the employers.

Global opportunities

MS Office is a globally used software for various tasks related to office productivity – the reason being it is user-friendly, learner-friendly, compatibility with operating systems, ease of setup and portability. A strong grasp in MS Suite implies that you are bound to find any job wherever MS Office is in use. MS Office is also available as a web application and lets you store and use it from the cloud. This is another feature that makes MS Suite loved option across the companies.

Helps to Make Your Mark

Presentations, word files, excel sheets, working with databases – are all a part of daily tasks for most of us. When you have an in-depth knowledge of MS Office, it means you can make better presentations, use more features in Word, Excel or Access and thus make your mark on work in your style. This puts you ahead compared to your peers and thus boosts more confidence in you too.

Certifications are stepping stones to Career Growth

A certification is a proof that you are good at that specific skill. Holding a certification in Microsoft tool reaps rewards in terms of more pay and perks, even at the entry-level. Certifications also play an important role as deciding factors when it comes to promotions or moving ahead in the career.

How to showcase your MS proficiency in your resume in an effective way?

Adding a simple “Knowledge of MS Office” in your skills section of your resume will be like saying that you know how to operate a computer. Because in the era where school students are also working at a higher level on various programming languages and software, such simple statements will add no mentionable worth to your resume.

Instead, to show that you are good at Microsoft tools you can do the following in your resume −

  • Explain how you used the specific feature of the functionality of MS tools in your project work or daily work.

  • Tell how good you are at MS Office and since how long you have been using along with mentionable works.

  • Say why you prefer MS Tools and how you find them unique in enhancing your productivity.

  • If you are certified or learned MS Office from a reputed source, don’t forget to mention the version and the year of the last usage.

What are the free online resources to learn MS Suite?

At TutorialsPoint, we carefully crafted MS Suite tutorials so that our learners feel at home while learning them. You can access all our MS Office tutorials – MS Word, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel – for free anytime and from anywhere! You can also be certified in these MS tools by purchasing our premium video tutorials and add more weight to your resume. Browse our extensive library and gain the most benefit from it.

Updated on: 21-Nov-2019


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