7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python in 2023

Python programming language was developed in 1991 and is a open source programming language. In the recent years python has gained immense popularity and has a huge developer support ecosystem which makes it easy to use and a versatile programming language. With its easy to understand syntax it is one of the best beginner programming languages to start with. It is widely used in different technological fields like web development, Game development, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and Data Analytics by businesses. In this article we will see why you should learn the Python programming language in 2023.

Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

Beginner Friendly Language

If one is a beginner and is starting to learn a programming language it becomes a challenging task to understand a new programming language. Python with its English like syntax is easy to understand, read and write for a beginner. It has a huge developer support ecosystem and vast number of resources which makes it easy to learn and debug.

Python is an interpreted programming language which means the code is executed line by line which allows you to make quick changes if any error occurs, eliminating the need for compilation.

When we say python is a beginner friendly language and has an easy to understand syntax what do we mean ? Python avoids the use of parentheses and uses consistent indentation for writing clean and readable code. Also python is a strongly typed language i.e every variable declared has a specific data type which avoids mixing of data types and reduces compilation error.


The code below simply adds all the elements in a count_list array and returns the total sum of the elements.

def findSum(count_list):
int total = 0
   for ele in count_list:
   total = total + ele
   return total

Career Opportunities and Huge Salary of Python Developers

If we look at google trends with the search word as “Python”, we get an increasing trend over the decades which means that python programming language is gaining popularity and is in demand in 2023.

If we look at stack overflow trends which shows the percentage of questions being asked on stack overflow related to python then we get the following trend which shows how the developer community is active and supports the issue related to python on stack overflow.

Python developers have wide range of career opportunities to choose from like

  • Python developer

  • Django developer

  • Flask developer

  • Front end developer

  • Backend developer

  • Web Automation tester

  • Software Engineer

  • Devops engineer

  • Machine learning engineer

  • Data scientist

  • Data Analyst

  • AI Engineer

As per Indeed, the average salary of a python developer in the United states is $111,828 per year and as per Ambition Box, the average salary of a python developer in India is around 4-5LPA.

Due to the increasing popularity of python and high paying developer salaries python is one of the best programming languages to learn.

Use of Python in Different Technologies

Python programming language has a wide range of use cases in Web development, Game development, Desktop app development, Machine learning, artificial intelligence, Data science and Data analytics.

Python is a scripting language and is also used to write scripts for fast automation task. Various kinds of bots are built using python for specific use case.Every website nowadays has a chat bot for the customers assistance. These chatbots are built using python.

In machine learning python is used to make prediction models for specific use cases like credit card fraud detection, weather forecasting etc.

Python is used in large scale companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon, Youtube, Nasa etc in some or other of their Services.

Libraries and Packages

Python has a large number of libraries, framework, packages and modules for data analytics, machine learning, data science , web development, Data science etc. Some of the widely used libraries and package of python are Django, Flask, Scipy, numpy, pandas, scikit learn etc.

Python also has frameworks like Tkinter, Streamlit, Pygame GUI, Kivy etc. for building GUI applications. These frameworks help in prototyping, game development, app development and other wide range of UI based applications.

Strong Community Support

Python is an open source programming language and has documentation support for each and every library, package and frameworks of python. Apart from documentation there is a strong community of python developers who keep answering the issues faced by others related to python and its use cases on platforms like stack overflow.

Excellent Tool for Testing

Python is used to write scripts which are used for automation testing. Python has great testing libraries which makes the testing of the code easier. Some of the widely used testing libraries are Robot, Uittest, Pytest, Testify etc.

World Wide Demand and Popularity of Python

With growing demand and adoption of python by top companies is increasing the demand of python and python developers. If you want to quickly enter into the tech industry you must start learning python and its framework and libraries which will help you develop and build apps and websites with ease.


In this article we learned about the reasons why python and python developers are in such a huge demand and different career paths we can pursue once we have learned python.With vast resources and developer community support one can easily learn to write code in python.

Updated on: 13-Apr-2023


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