Benefits of Using Microsoft Office Over Other Productivity Suites

If you are like most business owners and are constantly searching for methods to boost productivity and efficiency, you might have heard of the Microsoft 365 suite.

But you are not sure if it's the right choice for your firm. After all, you don't want to spend money on office supplies that won't help you expand.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Office

Let us look into some of the crucial benefits of using Microsoft Office.

Improved collaboration tools

Office 365 provides a wealth of effective corporate collaboration alternatives. This is whether you are working on a project, exchanging ideas, or providing a service to ensure a high level of client satisfaction.

You can share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with anybody in your company through the Office suite. You can also use video calls to talk with coworkers in real-time, communicate using the Microsoft Outlook email suite, and use Microsoft Teams to arrange virtual meetings and conference calls to remain connected with other employees.

And, because this is cloud-based software, you can collaborate with individuals in different places, share documents and edit files in real-time, and experience cutting-edge sharing features like never before.

Access Everything, Everywhere, Anytime

You can access your documents and files from anywhere, at any time, with Microsoft Office 365. Whatever device you are using, as long as you have internet access, you may use Microsoft Surface to access files, instant chat services, and online meetings.

Even if you are working with distant staff, numerous users, or even customers and clients, all you need is access to your workplace

Enhanced Productivity

Microsoft 365's new editions provide a dynamic productivity suite that enables distant teams to interact seamlessly in a virtual environment. There are several ways M365 boosts productivity, and you will no doubt get more ideas as you read on, but in a nutshell, the collaboration features include −

  • Microsoft Teams

  • One Drive for Business

  • SharePoint

  • Office 365 Groups

  • Outlook Email

  • Skype

  • Delve Boards

  • Office 365 Video

  • Yammer

Office 365 Planner, a comprehensive task management tool, assists team leaders in coordinating schedules, assignments, deadlines, and processes to keep their team on track. Without compromising security, you may form teams with a remote workforce and even add freelancers, independent contractors, and consultants.

Automatic Updates

Microsoft 365 ensures you always have the most recent version of Office and all of its latest features. Also, any new software and security patches.

When new versions of the suite are published, you will receive automatic updates as part of your subscription-based plan at no additional cost. Every time! You have instant access to everything, all the time!

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Microsoft 365. It's easy to improve productivity and efficiency with Microsoft 365.

Improve Customer Experience and Engagement

An organization's success depends on its customer experience and customer engagement. Listening to and understanding your customers' pain points and taking positive action on their feedback is a strategy that takes you from zero to hero.

Curating actionable client feedback, on the other hand, is a difficult task. Of course, there are some beneficial pieces of software, but assessing client satisfaction often feels like there are too many moving parts.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was created primarily to improve client engagement and connection. Dynamics, which is already considered a market-leading CRM system, provides a full arsenal of systems and tactics that provide marketing and sales teams with critical data for understanding your customers' wants and habits.

For example, you can approach clients across your social networks, use AI bots, and run surveys to get a complete picture of the market.

You can improve Dynamics by utilizing Microsoft Forms, which aims to collect crucial data through simple-to-create surveys, polls, and questionnaires. You can add multiple-choice responses to the forms to make the quizzes more customized and contextually engaging.

The forms may also be sent by email and social media platforms and viewed online with a single click using a computer browser. If market research is crucial to your business, Microsoft Forms provides a simple approach and a pleasant customer experience.

Improved Security

Because all organizations must take data security seriously, Office 365 provides various capabilities to keep your company's data safe.

Multi-factor authentication, for example, offers an extra layer of security to user accounts, while built-in malware and spam filters safeguard email inboxes from hazardous information.

This is crucial these days, because it is your company's responsibility to secure your customers' data, and you might face serious penalties if you don't.

Affordable, Scalable Subscriptions

The cloud-based solution is less costly and allows enterprises to grow at affordable rates depending on the number of users accessing Office 365. Adding and deleting users is as simple as a few clicks and takes roughly 30 seconds to set up.

The subscription model requires a small fee for each user. So, if your company expects to add a few new users or has a high turnover of employees, cloud-based Office 365 will likely benefit you more.

That is not always the case, though. If you have a large number of users who work from the office rather than remotely, plug-and-play software straight out of the box may be the less expensive alternative. The question is what you would lose by choosing the old path versus the cloud-based one.

Customizable Apps

Despite the fact that Office 365 is best suited for enterprises that utilise traditional Microsoft products, the apps are open and scalable thanks to APIs. This assures that the applications will function with other industry-leading solutions like Shopify, SAP, Quickbooks, iOS, Android, and so forth.

The capacity to customize apps presents several advantages that can be highly useful and significant for project developers. It is easy to share Office 365 apps internally as well as externally with clients, partners, and investors.

Furthermore, Microsoft 365 Power Apps allows you to personalize apps and alter your operational procedures. The program is incredibly user-friendly and provides a wide range of solutions that anybody with the most basic skills can use, all thanks to a variety of pre-coded scripts.

For example, you could wish to sell a feature in Power BI, Flow, or Azure that improves the software's capabilities in a way that makes your life simpler. In addition, you may want to complete a task that is exclusive to your firm. The modification might be a mix or integration of regular Office 365 programs and services, or it could be something completely original.

Improve the Communication of Ideas

Communication is essential in every organization, both internally and externally. Nonetheless, a surprising proportion of people fail to express themselves verbally or in writing. However, contemporary technology can help people understand expressions that they cannot grasp in their heads.

Microsoft Editor is one such application. The program provides rewriting suggestions to enhance the ability of users to communicate more effectively. The editor can assist users in writing more succinctly and clearly by suggesting terms that build a clearer sentence.

The AI-powered service also flags spelling and grammatical mistakes. It is accessible on several platforms, including Word and Outlook, as well as independent browser extensions for Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. It even looks for possible plagiarism.

Is Microsoft 365 Worth it?

If you want to increase your productivity and efficiency, Microsoft 365 is probably an excellent investment. If you want access to the basic Microsoft Office suite, such as word processing or email, Microsoft 365 may not be worth the extra fee.

Having said that, Microsoft 365 is a highly useful toolbox.

If you're an independent contractor or freelancer, you should check out free services like Google Workspace, which are just as powerful.

However, if you're a large company that operates globally and is fast expanding, Microsoft 365 is certainly worth considering. Having access to all of these tools in one location, with everything so flawlessly connected, is a tremendous benefit that can help your business develop substantially.

Updated on: 15-Feb-2023

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