Common Problems and Solutions When Using Microsoft Office

As you manage your resources and keep up with the ongoing upgrades, it becomes necessary to hire an IT support provider having a lot of experience in this area. They are constantly available to you and work hard to make sure your business runs smoothly.

Some Microsoft Office difficulties occur more frequently than others; nevertheless, if you know how to solve these common issues, you will no longer need to contact an IT help specialist for small glitches.

This will not only save you time, but it will also free up IT support resources in your firm. They will also be able to concentrate on more challenging activities rather than minor issues.

8 Most Common Microsoft Office Issues & Their Solutions

Incorrect Outlook Password

Working in an organization requires a high level of collaboration. However, it has several drawbacks. You will be left scratching your head if someone in your organization changes the password without notifying you.

Worse, if you are clueless about who changed the password, you may suffer a significant productivity loss, which may constitute a security risk.

To prevent such a bother, simply do the following −

  • Select the 'forgot password' option which will take you to a new page. Then enter a different email address to get future updates about this issue.

  • Fill out the recovery form with the details given by the Microsoft team. It contains information such as the date and place of establishment of the account, the phone or system used, etc.

  • Make sure you include all the relevant information. The Microsoft team will review your application. During the week, the whole evaluation process might take a few hours. You may have to wait a few days on weekends as well.

  • Once you've received the 'Set new password' link, make sure your new password fits Microsoft's criteria, which include a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Outlook Crashes

Outlook becomes overloaded with files or documents over time and begins to disclose restrictions. It will take longer to load than expected and may create scroll delays.

And it will occasionally close abruptly. The ideal remedy for this issue is to archive outdated files that are no longer in use to free up resources. You can also significantly increase speed by deleting superfluous big files.

Office Installation Error

Microsoft Office installation problems are common, and many businesses complain about them regularly.

If your Office Suite version is older, you may experience the issue. A lot of problems can result from this, which include −

  • Invalid password

  • Installation is taking longer than normal.

  • Window suspension occurs automatically.

  • The window not responding

To avoid such issues, install the software under the guidance of a Microsoft specialist. This support can be provided in person or remotely via screen sharing.

Both operate perfectly and provide a clean installation experience. However, if you have been negligent in completing this step, you can correct your error by reinstalling the Office Suite.

Be sure to remove any prior Office installations before proceeding.

Blue Screen

Technically, the blue screen is a Microsoft OS issue rather than an Office 365 issue. However, this screen may appear unexpectedly while using the Office Suite.

The problem is there because of recent driver upgrades or hardware problems. Restarting the computer or rebooting it from scratch will resolve this issue.

Unsaved Documents

When multitasking, slight blunders are unavoidable. However, if you do not have a system to back you up, these errors can cost you a lot.

And one of the most common mistakes while multitasking is suddenly shutting down a file. Thus, if you are prone to making this error from time to time, AutoSave capabilities are ideal for you.

AutoSave works in conjunction with OneDrive. As a result, any file you work on is saved immediately after each modification you make.

As a result, the next time you shut a file by accident, you may go to the OneDrive repository and restore your data.

Delays in Opening Word Documents

This became clear during the Fall Creators Update, also known as Windows 10 Version 1709. Several customers have reported that their word documents take longer to open than normal and occasionally crash.

The latest edition of the Office Suite actively watches and scans for dangerous content that might compromise your security and expose your organization's valuable information, which is the cause of this lag.

Microsoft claims to have been working on this problem and that future versions would be free of it.

Unable to Print Word Documents

To begin resolving this issue, search for simple hardware flaws. A typical occurrence is a shortage of paper or ink and a lack of connectivity.

If your gear is in good working order but you still have problems printing, consider the problem to be technical and start debugging. Navigate to 'device manager' and then to the 'printer' area. You can solve your problem within seconds by starting with troubleshooting.

If the problem persists, your final but best option is to contact an IT support specialist.

Sync Problems

How many times have you closed a file only to discover you hadn't saved your data?

Then, understand what sync difficulties are.

The source of this issue might be as simple as a faulty internet connection, but it could also be your greatest fear. As a result, before closing any files, always confirm that your WiFi or ethernet wire is securely attached.

If the problem remains, then click on the 'WiFi tab' in the status bar, proceed to 'network & internet settings', then double click on 'network troubleshooter'. This will immediately resolve your problem.

When evaluating if Office is the best solution for your company, consider the issues you read about previously.

However, as you may have read, each problem has a solution that virtually all organizations can use.

Finally, you must evaluate whether going to the cloud is the best option for your company and whether the ultimate result is worth the initial effort.