Why is women empowerment related to education of women?

Women Empowerment means a secured and improved social, economic, political and legal strength of the women to ensure their equal-right.

Are Women Still the Degraded Sex?

No matter which party rules in India, the woman has always been a second-grade citizen. She is denied many rights, subject to many ill scenarios like rape, molestation, trafficking and the like. But it is the thinking and the mindset of the people, which has to be changed.

  • "There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." —Michelle Obama

  • "When there are no ceilings, the sky's the limit. So, let's keep going —  let's keep going until every one of the 161 million women and girls across America has the opportunity she deserves to have." — Hillary Clinton

When individuals like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton have said so much about the capabilities of women, I fail to deny from their beliefs.

Can Educating them Help?

Empowerment of women could only be achieved if their economic and social status is improved. This is not possible with a magic wand. Rather, education is the key to good health, good social status and good economic status of the women. Education is a milestone for women empowerment because it enables them to respond to opportunities, to challenge their traditional roles and to change their lives.

Education Is the Key

While education is undoubtedly a key element contributing to empowerment, the two do not necessarily go hand in hand. As a result of gender discrimination, the status of women has been subordinate to men and they have had little access to education, food, healthcare, employment, and wages so far. But if educated, these girls can bring laurels to the country.

At Top Positions

Today they are the CEOs of the top companies. They are even successful entrepreneurs. But not all of them are businesswomen. Not all of them are free in this so-called “Independent India.” Hence, it is of foremost importance to raise the level of education for these deprived individuals.