How women education leads to women empowerment?

“If you educate one man you educate an individual, but, if you educate one woman you educate one whole family. Women empowered means mother India empowered”. - Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Women Education in India today is not in an ideal state. Today, only 1 out of 100 girls gets access to higher education (College Education). While, women are excelling in different fields today, on one hand, the women in the masses are even today getting limited or no access to education on the other.

The following points answer the question - how proper education to women can help in creating the empowerment movement among the women.

Employment and Empowerment

Today, the majority of the Indian Population works in the unorganized sector as unskilled or semi-skilled workers including both men and women. Many women who work on a daily basis are even exploited due to their lack of knowledge and skills. Education helps giving women the right job and the confidence to fight for their economic rights. They become the contributors to income in the family which gives them the strength to voice their opinions.

Liberating the Narrow-Minded Thoughts

Education in its true sense serves as an eye-opener for any person. It exposes an individual to different disciplines and empowers with the knowledge of being a change maker. Educating a woman can help her understand the rights that are guaranteed to her in the Constitution of the country and the UDHR.

It helps her eliminate her own mindset, which promotes superstitions and orthodox beliefs. Educating women helps them realize that they are equal to men to prove their worth and ability.

Spread the Word In the Women Community

When the women get the chance to receive holistic education, it is an indirect form of awareness. Women generally spread their learning to other women in their friend or family circle. These kinds of activities spread knowledge and inspire other women. Action has power and the words that describe your action have motivation. The same applies when girls/ women in the community begin to educate themselves.

Take the Leadership to Educate Others

Educating the women of the society also helps in developing the leadership quality in them to be the change makers and contribute their bit to make a difference. e.g. Savitribai Phule These women want to give the opportunities of education by becoming the forerunners themselves to those who were denied education even if it is a fundamental right.

Facing the Evils

When women are given Education and are made aware of their rights, they can stand on their own feet to fight for their rights. They can fight against social problems like dowry and domestic violence which were created in the male-dominated society to subdue them.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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