Why are women considered bad drivers?

We hear this biased statements all the time -- Woman can't park properly, they do not know how to change the lane, they drive too slow, they cannot react fast, they talk on the phone while driving and to the extent that they put on makeup while driving!!!

Many feel that woman have poor navigation skills and cannot judge the distances as well as men. Are all these allegations about woman drivers are true?

Studies conducted by scientists in Germany show that Testosterone, a male hormone is responsible for spatial ability in a person. This spatial ability gives you the skills to assess spaces and judge distances which are essential for driving. Since the testosterone will be less in a woman, some of these may be true.

Yet, one more interesting factor is that women make fewer accidents than men. This could be because men have more tendency to engage in aggressive and risk-taking behavior, and drive while drunk when compared to women. Men are more prone to indulge in traffic violations as well.

After all, women are not bad drivers !!!