Why do people get angry frequently?

Anger is the strong feeling of displeasure or annoyance. We often feel bad for being out of control due to anger but have no idea on how to control it. The reason we get angry can be because of many reasons but the root cause is usually something else like from a past situation.

Anger is caused due to a certain event that happens to the person. The person feels that he is angry because of that particular event alone and no other factors are responsible for his rage. But the same event may not anger someone else. For example, you got angry because the car behind you honked at you. But this might not be the case for everyone. Everyone else in the world may not get angry if someone honks at them. Each person interprets a similar situation in a different way.

Anger is indirectly attached to some other situation or emotion in many cases. When an event happens suddenly, the brain often does not have enough time to analyze the situation and hence reacts with anger until a possible solution is found out.

The Factors Responsible for Anger

So what exactly causes anger? There are basically two things that matter. One is Pre-anger state and other is personality traits. Pre-anger state refers to the state of the body and mind of the person right before the event. When people are tired or angry even before the trigger situation occurs, they tend to respond to the situation with anger.

For example, a nervous person already has an elevated heart rate, so it doesn't take much time to become angry. The second thing is the personality traits. These are the qualities of the person which tends to make them angry easily like competitiveness, frustration, low tolerance etc. People with such characteristics tend to lose their temper.

There are many other reasons or emotions that cause anger. They are fear, frustration, jealousy, manipulation, health conditions, exhaustiveness, an event from the past etc. We must control our anger by trying to analyze the situation. Take a deep breath and try some positive self-talk. Finding humor in the situation that angered you will help you to control your rage.

Anger is not completely harmful as there are few upsides too. There are some positive sides of the anger too. Anger can be a motivating force. It might lead you to finish the task without giving up. Anger can also unleash your true strength when required in situations like protecting your loved ones. Moreover, by showing anger instead of keeping it to yourself, you release the emotional stress which will bring peace to your mind.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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