Why does your baby get angry with anyone?

If your baby feels angry, it means he knows a tad about the difference between right and wrong. If your baby feels angry, it means he/she is hurt or the baby finds a situation unfair. It is a clear indication that your child can see the world around him/her and react to it.

Some Common Indications of Anger In Your Baby

  • He/she may show some facial expressions that show frustration, confusion, anger, or hurt.

  • He/she may start speaking or making speaking sounds in a hurry.

  • He/she may hit something or someone.

Tips To Calm Down Your Angry Baby

  • Try to hold your child in your arms if he/she allows.

  • If you spot the signs of anger in your baby, you need to be attentive and soothe your baby before he gets worked up.

  • Try and gently soothe your baby’s back.

  • Sit near your child and try to make a soothing and relaxing sound.

  • Talk to your child in a soothing and soft voice.

  • Repeat ‘its fine baby’ and ‘I love you’ in a calming voice.

  • Simple questions like ‘what do you want’, ‘what happened baby’ or 'why are you angry' can help you identify the cause of his/her anger.

  • You can take your child for a small outing or to the balcony for a quick walk.

  • Distract your child with the toys you know he/she loves to play with.

  • Massage his/ her stomach gently. Your baby might be crying due to gas, colic or flatulence.

  • Identify if your baby is tired, hungry, or sleepy. It may make your baby extremely angry, frustrated or irritating.

  • He/she may be angry at seeing new faces or being in a place that has bright lights or listening to loud noise.