Why do some children fall ill more frequently than others living in the same locality?

There may be several reasons for the illness of a few youngsters:
  • Some children in the same area become ill more frequently than others owing to weakened immune systems, which may be caused by an imbalanced diet or malnutrition. Some youngsters are frequently unwell due to a deficient immune system. 
  • If a youngster has not had vaccines, he is more likely to contract a disease.
  • Other causes of the aforementioned illness include unsanitary and crowded living situations, as well as polluted water and food. A lack of potable water and wholesome food can cause diseases. A healthy body and a robust immune system require a well-balanced diet, regular exercise or enjoying outdoor activities, and sufficient rest.
  • Hygiene plays a vital part in the existence of an organism. Some children become ill regularly because they reside in unsanitary areas, while others remain healthy owing to their hygienic locale and surroundings.


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Updated on: 05-Jan-2023


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