Why do many people like to dance a lot?

Dance has flourished a form of performing art for many centuries to promote learning as well as providing entertainment. Dance serves a no. of benefits to the people who are habitual to practicing and performing it. Here are some key points to be noted for the people who dance a lot:

Preserve It As An Art Form

For some people, classical dance and its performance is a medium of promoting it among the people. It is a way to protect the dying heritage in the country. Hence, various dance forms like Kuchipudi, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Mohiniattam, etc. performed by dancers as a way of preserving the traditions and intangible knowledge of performing arts. These traditional dance forms also require a rigorous amount of practice for putting up flawless performances. They are passionate about it as they consider it also to be a contribution to the nation.

Recreation and Stress Reliever

It is very interesting to note that dance helps in reducing the stress and anxiety of the human mind. This is because dance helps to boost immunity and physical health. Dance helps in developing the various senses like vision, touch, audible sense and their mutual coordination.

Many people consider dance, especially dancing on Bollywood songs as a part and parcel of recreation. There are also people who love music and dance to the beat whenever they find music anywhere. Dance is a very important part of life for people who regularly participate in clubs, DJs and parties.

Team Work and Coordination, Building Social Relations

Many people consider dance as a great form of social involvement. Even research has proved this point right. Dance helps in learning coordination and teamwork, especially for performances. Performers who dance for their individual passion find a group of like-minded people and create a social circle. Thus, there is a group learning element added to this.