What would you do if you were the Prime Minister of India?

Prime Minister is considered to be the nucleus of the council of ministers in India. His/ her role remains the most crucial for accelerating the country on the path of progress. Prime Minister heads the various ministries of the country that deal with Union as well as the Concurrent list.

As a Prime Minister, here are some of the topics that I would initiate a change.

Educational change

The foundation for the development of the country is laid through education. If we fail to provide an excellent education to our children, we are actually creating a future filled with darkness devoid of problem-solvers and rational thinkers. Hence, one of my major changes in policy would be incorporating provisions in the Right To Education Act to bring about quality education in India and emphasis on teacher training programs in all the schools.


One of the globally pressing issues is that of global warming and climate change. The policies related to wildlife conservation shall be amended and made more stringent to solve the problem of deforestation for industries that are adding to the existing nuances of pollution. Environmental issues shall be prioritized in the 1st year of targets as climatic changes will become irreversible if not solved on time.

Women Development

In a country where almost half of the population is that of women, women form the backbone of development. Women today are taking dynamic roles in employment. Women security shall be prioritized and all the laws related to it shall be made more stringent and appropriate awareness programs shall be implemented mainly in the rural parts of India.

Poverty elimination

Garibi Hatao has been confined to just a slogan in our country. As a Prime Minister, my main emphasis would be to bring about transparency in the Public Distribution System (PDS) and various employment schemes which would help to tackle these problems effectively. This is mainly because a large section of our population is dependent on the welfare schemes of the government.

Work for Minorities

Democracy is not only about the rule of the majority but also protecting the interests and views of minorities. The policies related to minorities and also economically backward classes of the society shall be made more inclusive in terms of their participation in various committees and also be providing them with the necessary physical security in sensitive areas and zones. It is important to strike a balance in various aspects for different sections of the society to bring about Equality in its true spirit in the country.