What would you do if you were made a superhero for a day?

A superhero is a person who does heroic deeds. So, in order to be a superhero, you need the power to accomplish good deeds.

My Wish

Firstly, One of my superpowers would be to have the ability to fly. I would want to fly because that way I could fly over the town and see if people need help or not. I will also see whether they are happy or not so that I can make them happy in some manner.

Secondly, I would want to be able to have super strength. By super strength I mean, to do anything and everything.

Lastly, I would also want to have the ability to read people's mind. This will help me remove depression, bipolar disorder, and tensions in the world. As said in the poem “Buried Life” by Matthew Arnold, people are sad and have their thoughts buried deep inside the heart. They do not share with others due to the fact that they may be mocked at or others may always remain indifferent to them. Hence, I will make sure, people do not keep their thoughts buried inside, rather open up and speak for their good.

Why Do Superheroes Have A Dress Code

Superman’s costume was different because of the bright colors, that silly cape, those red boots, and that big emblem on his chest. I mean, it’s ridiculous, because you really don’t need a costume to fight bad guys. If I had superpowers, I wouldn’t wear such a costume.

So, a superhero doesn’t need to be all pervasive. He does not need to be in a proper code of conduct too, but simply in a man who possesses the unconquerable will and indomitable courage, superheroes exist.