What is the difference between Computer Architecture and Computer Organization?

Computer Architecture

The architecture defines those attributes of the system apparent to the programmer or those attributes that directly force the program’s logical execution. It manage with the functional behavior of the computer system view by the user.

Computer Architecture manages with the system’s programming part, including the multiple bits can define the several data types, input-output methods, approaches for addressing memory, and the computer’s instruction set. The implementation of any program is influenced by these qualities of architecture. The change in a bit or size can lead to a different result for the programmer.

Computer Organization

Computer organization can study the basic computer hardware structure and behavior of digital Computers. It includes the system’s operational units including CPU, Memory, Input-Output Unit, and their interconnections. It also covers Computer Evolution and Arithmetic, Parallel organization, Control Unit, interfaces between computer peripherals, memory technology used, registers, Bus working, and connection, etc.

Let us see the comparison between Computer Architecture and Computer Organization.

Computer ArchitectureComputer Organization
Computer Architecture is involved with the method hardware elements are linked to form a computer system.Computer Organization is involved with the mechanism and behaviour of a computer system as view by the client.
It facilitates as the interface between hardware and software.It manage with the elements of a connection in a system.
A programmer can view architecture in condition of instructions, addressing modes, and registers.It defines the realization of structure.
Computer Architecture handle with high-level design problem.Computer Organization handle with low-level design problem.
It supports us to learn the functionalities of a system.It tells us how accurately all the methods in the system are organized and interconnected.
It examines instruction formats, instruction set and addressing technology. It also contains the description of several functional modules such as CPU and memories.The function of computer organization is to find out and examines the organizational mechanism for its proper operations.