Differences between Computer Architecture and Computer Organization.

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Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture is a blueprint for design and implementation of a computer system. It provides the functional details and behaviour of a computer system and comes before computer organization. Computer architecture deals with 'What to do?'

Computer Organization

Computer Organization is how operational parts of a computer system are linked together. It implements the provided computer architecture. Computer organization deals with 'How to do?'

Following are some of the important differences between Computer Architecture and Computer Organization.

Sr. No.KeyComputer ArchitectureComputer Organization
1PurposeComputer architecture explains what a computer should do.Computer organization explains how a computer works.
2TargetComputer architecture provides functional behavior of computer system.Computer organization provides structural relationships between parts of computer system.
3DesignComputer architecture deals with high level design.Computer organization deals with low level design.
4ActorsActors in Computer architecture are hardware parts.Actor in computer organizaton is performance.
5OrderComputer architecture is designed first.Computer organization is started after finalizing computer architecture.
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