What is Computer Network?

Computer Network is an interconnection of numerous computers to share an operating system, hardware, and information through a transmission mode between them. There is no restriction to the area between two computers in a network.

A computer network involves the following elements −

Nodes (Workstations)

The multiple terminals connected to the network sharing the network resources are known as nodes.


We assign a specific node as a main or central node at a well-known and permanent address to support the network. The node offering the service is called the server.

Network Interface Unit

The interpreter, which connects the server and multiple nodes, is known as the Network Interface Unit. The network interface unit is linked to the server and all workstations to keep up the connection.

Elements of a Computer Network

The computer network involves the following networking elements −


The computer wants to give a message to some mainframe or computers.


The computer takes the data from the sender who wishes to communicate.

Communication Medium

It is the medium over which the sender connects to the receiver. It can be used if the distance between sender and receiver is less, or it can be wireless if the distance between sender and receiver is much more.


It is a set of rules which the sender and receiver will follow.