What are YouTube handles

The YouTube video-sharing website has more than 2 billion users. It regularly updates its algorithm and features to help the creators grow.

On 10th Oct 2022, YouTube provided the details about the update related to the YouTube handle. The handle “@name” will soon appear on your YouTube profile, just like it does on Twitter and TikTok. With the new rolling update, small businesses and content creators can expand their audiences by increasing their reach.

According to YouTube “For many creators, YouTube is not just a place to upload and comment on videos, it is a community and home base. That is why we are introducing handles, a new way for people to easily find and engage with creators on YouTube. Every channel will have its unique handle, making it easier for fans to discover and interact with creators they love.”

What are YouTube Handles?

A YouTube Handle will be a unique identifier for your channel, appearing in the form “@yourhandle."The @ symbol is used in YouTube Handles to separate the username from the rest of a channel's name. Every channel can choose a unique handle. The handle will appear in “@yourhandle” format. YouTube hopes that by giving every channel a handle, regardless of its subscriber count or video output, it can help creators establish and maintain their distinct presence on YouTube. Handles must be 30 characters long and cannot start with numbers.

Currently, the channel name on YouTube is not unique, meaning anyone else can have the same name for their channel. This has led to copyright issues. That is where handles come in. Unlike channel names, YouTube handles are unique and they make it very easy to verify that the right channel is being seen or subscribed to.

How will YouTube Handle work?

Handles will appear on the channel home page and channel Shorts so that they can be instantly and consistently recognizable by audiences. Now, it will soon be simpler, faster, and more convenient to mention each other in comments, community posts, video descriptions and much more.

When will users get YouTube Handle?

According to YouTube “We will notify creators about when they can choose a handle for their channel by the next month. This new feature will first be rolled out to influencers with a large audience. In most cases, if a channel already has a personalized URL, it can keep its existing customized URL, or they have the option to change it when YouTube Studio sends out notifications. Because channel names must be unique and every user on YouTube has one, we are rolling out the ability to create channels gradually.”

The timing of when a creator will receive access to the handles selection process depends on several factors, including overall YouTube presence (such as subscriber count and how long you have been uploading content), whether your channel has been active lately, and what type of Creator Account you have.

YouTube says, “When a creator chooses their handle, we will also create a matching URL (ex: youtube.com/@handle) so creators can easily direct people to their content when they are not on YouTube. If a channel already has a personalized URL, its links will automatically be redirected to the new handle-based URLs to create a better, more unified presence for creators on YouTube.

Does every channel get a YouTube Handle?

Yes, every channel, whether a creator or a viewer, will have a unique handle. YouTube opens access to everyone and has removed the 100-subscriber rule previously applied to custom URLs. YouTube sent an e-mail introducing YouTube handle to every user.

Your handle will also automatically become the new YouTube URL for your channel and will make it easier for viewers to discover. For example, youtube.com/@youtubecreators.

How and when can I reserve my YouTube Handle?

YouTube is gradually rolling out handles to every channel over the coming time. You will receive a notification in YouTube Studio and via email when it is your time to choose.

For most channels, a personalized YouTube URL will automatically become a YouTube handle.

Can I change my existing YouTube Handle?

Yes, one can choose a new handle, if another channel has not claimed it. Your Handle must follow YouTube Community Guidelines.

Will my existing YouTube links work?

Yes, your YouTube video links will work, but your personalized channel URL will automatically be converted to your new handle. YouTube, therefore, recommends that every creator should update their social media profiles and external websites and start using this handle.

What if I do not select a YouTube handle?

If a creator does not select a handle by November 14, 2022, YouTube will automatically assign it. You can change handle whenever you like.

How do I find someone’s YouTube handle?

The YouTube handle can be found next to the channel name, or on the channel home page, in search results, shorts feed, comments, community posts, etc.

What is the Eligibility for creating a YouTube Handle?

There is no eligibility to create a handle on YouTube, so there are no 100 subscribers or any other limit. Meaning, you can get a handle as you create a YouTube channel.

Updated on: 29-Nov-2022


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