What are the benefits of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a monthly subscription service which promise to improve viewing experience on the internet’s largest video platform. YouTube Premium is the paid subscription service with very nominal charges offering its users money saver plans. Premium offers ad-free viewing of every video, offline playback of audio and video, and exclusive content made by famous YouTubers.

Today, video ad revenues are falling day by day, which has led creators to put more ads in their videos. So, YouTube Premium will make you watch uninterrupted while still supporting those who make them.

The Benefits of Premium

Subscribing to YouTube Premium, has many benefits. These are −

Ad-free viewing

We can view every video on the site without any ads popping up. We also get ad-free viewing on any platform of YouTube when signed in with the Google account, including the website, smartphones, Roku, or any other streaming devices. We will not see ads at the beginning or in the middle of the video, nor at end. No overlays. Neither third-party banner.

YouTube originals

We get access to original content, primarily from high-profile creators, with some tv shows, documentaries, and movies also. With the YouTube Premium subscription, we can access series and unreleased movies from several influential YouTubers. High quality and unique content that only users who purchase the premium version have access to.

Background play

With YouTube Premium, we have a feature called ‘Play in the background’ that allows us to continue watching YouTube videos or listening to music while using other apps on device. If you are working on software program, the audio from the video you’re viewing on YouTube will continue to play even if you are outside the YouTube and the window is closed. On Android also, you can also listen to videos while you use other apps on the phone.

Download videos and go Offline

Sometime you want to enjoy a video on YouTube, but had no data, or you are in transit phase where connectivity is low. One of the main advantages of YouTube Premium is that one can save videos to watch them whenever we want, whether you are offline or online. But not all videos are available for download due to location or partner restrictions.

YouTube Music Premium

One can get access to Music Premium service and all the features that come with it. It allows us to listen to songs without ads, download them to listen to them without having an active internet connection, play it in the background or set up the video in audio mode (an option to only listen to music without playing the video) reducing the data consumption.


YouTube Premium is an must upgrade for frequent users. It gives ad-free playback, downloads, and music streaming. If you use YouTube multiple times a day, YouTube Premium is definitely a worthwhile investment. Subscribing also supports content creators that other streaming services don't. so, go for it.

Updated on: 23-Sep-2022

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