What are video discovery tips on YouTube

Video discoverability on YouTube refers to the ability of users to find and view a particular video on the platform through various means such as search, suggested videos, and recommended content. Factors that can impact video discoverability include the use of relevant keywords in the title and description, engagement metrics like views and likes, and the overall relevance of the video to the viewer. Improving video discoverability can lead to increased views and engagement on a video, and can help a channel grow its audience over time.

On YouTube, viewers are matched to the videos they will most likely enjoy. Our goal is to encourage people to watch more videos that they enjoy, so that they come back to YouTube regularly.

How does YouTube Personalize Recommendations?

The algorithm considers a wide variety of signals, including −

  • Your watch history and what you are watching right now on YouTube. What other people like you have watched, and how much of a video you have watched to recommend videos you might like.

  • The videos that are popular in your region and the topics that are trending.

  • Whether you have been using YouTube regularly or more passively (for example by only browsing through recommendations).The system identifies what content to recommend to users by looking at how much of a channel or topic a user watches.

  • The system may identify videos viewers are likely to watch but have not been exposed to yet. For example, if a user watches many videos about skiing, the system might suggest a video about snowboarding.

How does the YouTube System Look at Video Performance?

Our systems look at how a video performs when it is recommended to viewers. For example, when a video is recommended to a viewer - do they choose to watch it or ignore it? Then, we look at whether or not viewers stick around. Lastly, we look at whether or not viewers enjoyed the video using likes/dislikes and post-watch survey results.

What Factors Influence how Videos are Recommended?

YouTube systems are influenced by a viewer’s watch history, a video’s performance & engagement metrics, and external factors like topic interest, competition, seasonality that ultimately try to help viewers reach you.

Tips for Video Discovery

There are a few ways you can get your video discovered on YouTube.

  • The first is to make sure that your video is optimized for discoverability. This means making sure it has a strong title and description, tagging your video correctly, and using annotations & cards where appropriate.

  • You can also drive traffic from other sources like social media by sharing links to your videos and including them in blog posts or emails.

  • Ask yourself, which videos do your audience members enjoy most? How often do they like to watch your channel? To get to know your audience, try asking them questions or having a poll on your page.

  • Focus on what your audience likes, and if you do that well enough, people will watch your videos and the recommendations will follow.

  • Finally, be patient: it can take time for the right viewers to find you!

Wrapping Up

Improving discoverability can lead to increased views and engagement on a video, helping your channel grow its audience over time for an individual creator or channel. For example, if you are a creator who uploads a lot of videos about a certain topic, Google can better understand what your channel is about and show your content to more people who may be interested in that topic. By improving the relevance of your channel’s content for users and creators alike, YouTube can help you reach an even broader audience.

Updated on: 03-Apr-2023


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