What are the Repeaters in Computer Network?

A repeater is a dynamic network device used to reproduce the signals when they transmit over a greater distance so that the signal’s strength remains equal. It can be used to create an Ethernet network. A repeater that occurs as the first layer of the OSI layer is the physical layer.

Features of Repeaters

  • These repeaters are linked to each other at the physical layer.
  • It sends the signals for the unsteady areas to enlarge the system signals.
  • These receptors linked the various network signals to convert the data between the two devices.
  • These repeaters can eliminate the distance between the two devices.
  • The repeaters can frequently monitor the signals that are created between the two LANs.
  • Repeaters can support dynamic networking.
  • Multi-site connection solutions provide the 30 repeaters linked to it.
  • The IP network links all the repeaters with an IP site relation network.
  • This IP network can support a fast response to any issue in the repeater network.
  • These receptors can support 100 % digital communication so that they do not require to wait for analog voice calls.

Advantages of Repeater

The main advantages of repeaters are −

  • The signals get weaker as they transit to greater distances. The repeater provides the stability of the signals.
  • These repeaters are cost-effective and easy to use.
  • The repeaters don’t influence network performance.
  • It is not all signals that can be linked using physical media.
  • These repeaters can retransmit the information and powerful the weak signals.

Disadvantage of Repeaters

The main disadvantages of repeaters are −

  • They cannot connect two distinct networks.
  • While amplifying the signals, the repeaters also amplify the level of noise in those signals.
  • If we enhance the extent of the web by only using the repeaters. In that case, the signal propagation time will grow to a considerable level, and the network’s performance will collapse.

Updated on: 04-May-2021

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