What are the Hub and Switch in Computer Network?


Hub is a network connectivity device that enables relation nodes to interact with each other. It provides a frequent connection point for a tool in a network. So, Hub is a central concentrating point for a computer network. It supports a key data point for network cabling. Only coaxial cable Ethernet does not use hubs at all. Most of the local area networks use the hub to interconnect computers and other devices.

A hub organizes the cables and broadcast signals to the different media segments as displayed in the figure −


A switch is a hardware tool that filters and promote folder between LAN segments. A switch is a device that supports connecting functionality with higher effectiveness. Switches create temporary point to point links between nodes on a network and send all data along with that link. Switches are intelligent devices and pass the data to the destined node. It possesses the ability to identify the node address written in a message.

Comparison between Switches and Hubs is as follows −

It is a Broadcast Domain.
It is a collision domain.
Each port on a switch can be observed as a separate Ethernet.
All of the elements on a hub are an element of the similar Ethernet.
Each port on a switch has its 10Mb bandwidth.
All elements on a hub share a similar 10Mb bandwidth.
A directed frame occurring on one port of a switch is forwarded only to the destination port.
Any frame appearing on one port of a hub is copied to all other ports on the hub.
A network switch is a computer network device used on a LAN to link numerous devices.
A switch is more dynamic than a hub since a switch transmits a message to a device it requires.
Electronic device associating with other network devices to permit them to exchange data.
A switch allows connections to various devices. It handles ports, VLAN security settings, etc.
The hub service links the networks of workstations; this can be completed via a central hub.
A switch can prevent the exchanging of loops with the support of STP.
A hub is affected by the switching of loops.
Data Link Layer is a character of switches. The network switches are efficient in functioning at Layer 2 of OSI models.
Physical layers are available. It can be categorized as a Layer 1 device through the OSI model.