What are the favorite hill stations for the honeymoon couples in India?

Most of the hill stations in the country were developed by the Britishers in order to get some relief from the oppressing summer heat. Many of these have scenic lakes that allow tourists to enjoy various boating activities. Hill stations in India are great tourist destinations for the people who seek peace and serenity and want to be away from all chaos in the world.

Let us discuss some of the most famous hill stations in India.


Shimla is situated near Delhi and it is best known for its snow-covered mountains, chilly weather, natural valleys and it gives an opportunity to take part in various adventurous sports in the regions lying near the Himalayas. Adventure sports that are offered in Shimla include trekking, skating, river rafting, fishing, and paragliding.


Manali is often known as the “Switzerland of India”. It offers a large variety of scenic views ranging from the beautiful snow covered mountains to the lush green forests and huge open land meadows that are used to adventurous activities like rock climbing, camping, paragliding, jeep safari, and horse riding. If you haven't visited Manali yet then it is the time you pack your bags and plan a holiday.


This is one of the most scenic and popular hill stations in India. Darjeeling is surrounded by the Mount Everest and Kanchenjunga and it is known as the Queen of hill stations. It is also a popular destination for people who like adventure sports such as water rafting and kayaking in the Teesta River. Darjeeling also offers jeep safari trip to Phalut and Sandakphu. Also, another major attraction in Darjeeling is the toy train journey which is a must.

Leh, Ladakh

Leh is the capital of Ladhak and a very popular tourist spot. Travellers from all over the country and even from all over the world flock in this place to enjoy the breathtaking nature here. There are a lot of sports in Ladakh that can be enjoyed such as polo, archery, cycling, and mountaineering, for some you need to take permission from the Mountaineering Federation Delhi.


Shillong is the capital of a very small state in India called Meghalaya. The place is famous for its calm, breezy, clean, and pollution free environment. It's surrounded by incredible pine tree forests, waterfalls, lush green mountains and lakes. Activities like river canyoning, golfing, scuba diving, rappelling, and zip line can be done over here.


Sikkim is a place where a number of hill stations are located. These include Gangtok, Rangpo, Lachung, Pelling, and Namchi. It is the second least populated city in India. Even though the place may seem to be very small it still competes with a lot of other huge tourist attractions. Sikkim offers the best that can be offered in any hill station with amenities such as adventurous hill stations sports, nature scenery, top class resorts and a very pleasant climate.


This place is located in the Nilgiri Hills situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. Ooty consists of a lot of scenic nature content such as lakes, rocks, tea gardens, viewpoint, and waterfalls. The lush greenery of the Nilgiri mountains and the pleasant climate of Ooty plays a very important role in order to attract many tourists here.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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