Which are cleanest railway stations in India?

Out of 75 busiest Railway Stations in India, based on clean toilets at platforms, clean tracks and dustbins at stations etc., some of the railway stations are voted for cleanliness.

Vishakapatnam Railway Station

This is one of the most prominent railway stations in India. It is ranked first as the cleanest railway station in the whole of the country.

This railway station is administered by the east coast railways that are a part of the Indian railways and also the railway's station is actually a part of the terminal station and it has around eight platforms.

Secunderabad Junction Railway Station

This particular railway station is located at the heart Hyderabad City which is the capital of the state of Telangana.

This is one of the important intercity station which also serves as a station between both the twin cities, Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Though the station is always crowded it is maintained very well by the authorities.

Jammu Tawi Railway Station

This railway station is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and this station is also known to be very clean. The weather is also very pleasant and the cleanliness of the Railway Station only adds to the beauty of the place.

Vijayawada Junction Railway Station

This is the second cleanest railway station that is present in the state of Andhra Pradesh and also it is on the busiest railway stations in the world. The station has a total of about 10 platforms and the seventh platform is the largest of them all.

The authorities have to be credited for this as they have been doing a wonderful job in keeping the railway's station neat, no matter how many people are using it on a daily basis

AnandVihar Terminal Railway Station

This is located in the city of Delhi and it is looked after by the northern railway zone of the Indian railways. It is one of the biggest and cleanest railway stations in the country.

It also has modern facilities like the booking office and also separate counters that give for reserved tickets whether online or manually.

Ahmedabad Junction Railway Station

This railway station is located in the state of Gujarat and it is the largest and the biggest railway station that is present in the state. It also generates one of the highest income for the Indian railways. This is also known commonly as the Kalupur railway station and it consists of 12 different platforms.