What are the different IT Career courses in India?

Information technology – often shortened to just IT – is a buzz phrase you would probably hear when you talk about anything related to computers. IT nerds are often highly specialized in their particular field and are a part of every single company, small or big. They are the essential employees of each and every modern business model. Hence we can say there is no dearth of options for an IT guy.

Here are some of the courses which carve your IT Career in India:

  • A bachelor's degree in computer science is the basic education required for almost all IT jobs.

  • Cloud Architecture - fetches you one of the highest paying IT jobs.

  • Computer forensics, information security or cybersecurity - Cybersecurity refers to the techniques to prevent any damage or unauthorized access to the data. It is a highly rewarding career.

  • Android and iOS programming courses. Owing to super-fast growth in mobile tech, learning these courses will surely get you very good salary and promising career growth.

  • Web Development. Learn Web languages, like HTML and JavaScript as web developers are required to develop any kind of website.

  • Geographic information systems are complicated, but Geospatial professional is a very good career choice. Along with a degree in computer science, you have to learn GIS technology.

  • Data designing and modelling - one of the niche fields which is vital for every company to create data designs and define relationships between the data fields. One has to acquire a certificate in Data modelling to get placed in that field.