What are the most promising technical courses in India?

India is a country which offers good education with a large number of professional and non-professional courses. However, any course one takes up must depend on two factors- How much passionate one is about that course and how much scope does that course offer in terms of future job opportunities especially.

Technical Courses Offering a Promising Future

  • B.Tech: An acronym for Bachelors in Technology, this is probably one of the most widely chosen courses in India. The reason being it lands the candidate into a four-year program which will eventually turn him/her into an engineer. Now, we all know how much significance does a B. Tech degree holds.

  • M. Tech: An acronym for Masters in Technology, this is a course often opted by meritorious students after they have pursued B. Tech in any stream. It opens gates for many Government jobs in Public Sector Undertakings and one may even become a lecturer in a college or a university after doing M. Tech.

  • CISCO Technologies: A popular course by Cisco Technologies makes way for entry-level IT Jobs in various computer domains like Network Security, Routing, Switching and others. This helps in acquiring hardware related knowledge and one may get a job as a network administrator in a reputed firm or even open his own repair shop.

  • Cloud Computing: It is all about the on-demand self-service model, which allows users to obtain and configure cloud services themselves using cloud service catalogues. Although it is very much hyped, before getting into this course, one should first hold a grip on Java and its tools.

Apart from the technical courses listed above, there are many other courses, which may land a person in a hefty income based job. But, one should devotedly learn the skill first and then through gaining experience, master that.