What are the career prospects in VFX?

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Career prospects in the VFX (Visual Effects) industry are enormous, especially in a country like India which not only has a huge domestic market for VFX-enriched content in its mass media entertainment programs but is also a massive base for VFX job work for the global entertainment industry.

The Right Soil

India has the right eco-system to provide high-quality VFX output at an affordable cost and at scale. VFX requires the animators to be creative, imaginative, skilled in application software and willing to work long hours and at wages that very few other countries can match. So, yes, the opportunities in VFX are enormous in India.

As an IT powerhouse, Indians are naturally inclined to adapt to technologies very fast because of the sheer size of the IT education sphere in India. Almost the entire IT education sphere is in the private sector which operates a lot more freely than the stiff-collared government-run institutions.

The Key Institutes

The NIITs and Aptech among many others have produced IT-enabled solution providers in the hundreds of thousands and a significant number of them are in the VFX animation domain. The earlier name for VFX animation was video editing, which still is a valid and appropriate term but things acquire their own identity over a period. VFX is surely a specialized area of video editing.

Enormous Scope

Today, gaming is a major part of the entertainment industry and most super hit movies seem to be designed for integration with gaming. That aside, there are scores and scores of TV programs mainly for kids that are entirely or mostly based on VFX animation. However, those with eye problems would have to decide more cautiously because the work is strenuous, with long shifts stretching 10-12 hours or more at times.

All those hours in front of huge computer screens with 3D imagery can really stress your eyes. However, those with the right attitude to learn and adapt can make the most of this specialization because the opportunities are enormous, especially in a country like India.

Updated on 26-Jun-2020 13:07:04