What Are Some of the Best Online Courses for Digital Marketing?

A terrific method to attract new clients or launch a new part-time or full-time profession is by developing your talents in digital marketing, which are in high demand as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and content creation are just a few of the effective digital marketing tactics that online marketing experts can provide business owners.

There are a variety of digital marketing resources and certifications to assist you to break into the industry, whether you're a newcomer or an experienced marketer trying to sharpen your skills.

Importance of Online Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing used to be an elite ability for professional groups in the early years of the internet. It seems weird to think about it now. It is nearly impossible to separate marketing from digital in general due to their close ties. Digital marketing is prevalent everywhere, as anyone who has ever used the internet can attest. All organizations use it in some capacity, whether through mobile apps, social media, search engines, or advertising. Although it is no longer an elite ability, digital marketing is still a specialization.

Thanks to the same internet that gave rise to digital marketing in the first place, anyone can study it now. The chances to learn are limitless, whether you pursue independent study, enroll in a certification program, or brush up on your current knowledge using the most recent tools and trends.

A Few of the Best Online Digital Marketing Courses

Udemy Complete Digital Marketing course

For individuals looking to advance their talents without spending any money, this training is advised. Udemy's digital marketing courses are also used by organizations like VW, Apple, and Eventbrite to train their staff members. For people who want to broaden their skill set before beginning their own firm, Udemy is also excellent.

Another video tutorial-based course is Udemy, although this one emphasizes learning through practice and takes a more pragmatic approach. The program gradually develops skills by combining videos, tests, sample projects, and checklists. The 12 courses cover every stage of the digital marketing process, from conducting market research to creating WordPress websites. It aims to provide you with practical experience with a variety of digital marketing tactics in addition to explaining them.

The objective here is to assist you in developing specialized marketing plans that are inexpensive to execute or free. This course is one of the most popular on Udemy, with over 600,000 students enrolled. There are numerous additional options for digital marketing training. The Udemy Digital Marketing course is 22.5 hours long and includes articles and downloadable materials to support your study.

The course's starting price, according to Udemy, is $149.99. Nonetheless, Udemy frequently provides (significant) discounts. This implies that this is somewhat of a marketing ploy (even though you ought to be familiar with digital skills by now!). The course was on sale for $16.99 the last time I looked, indicating that it is typically rather reasonable.

LinkedIn Learning Become a Digital Marketing Specialist Course

This course is a wonderful introduction to the fundamentals of digital marketing if you are not acquainted with how it operates. You might want to begin working in this industry, but you don't want to invest the time or money in a paid program. So start by dipping your toes.

Each of the brief video courses in this basic course lasts for roughly two hours. The program's courses each cover a different aspect of digital marketing. Learn the essentials of search engine optimization (SEO), Adwords advertising, article, and social media marketing, and more by starting with basic frameworks and principles. Expect to leave with a high-level introduction rather than in-depth information. Yet this course offers a fantastic overview.

It also gives you enough information to choose your interests and what to focus on if you chose to pursue them further. By the way, Lynda's new face is LinkedIn Learning. It is a reputable online training company that the media juggernaut purchased in 2015 and rebranded in 2021. The caliber of your content is guaranteed. There is a tonne of more courses available as well. The 20 hours of information spread across 11 classes make up the complete program. It only takes 2 hours and 9 minutes to try the program's first course. Worth giving a shot! Although admission to additional LinkedIn Learning digital marketing classes is required, the program is free.

Depending on your payment plan, this charges between $19.99 and $29.99 each month. However, they provide a free trial that lasts for a month. There is a lot to learn because the majority of their lessons are only just a few hours long.

Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

For individuals who are just starting out, LinkedIn Learning classes are excellent, but Google's Digital Marketing Basics provides a somewhat more consistent learning environment. Ideal for entrepreneurs and people seeking career changes.

Unlike the first program on our list, which consists of a patchwork of lessons from different instructors, Google's curriculum was wholly developed by the company's trainers. The foundations of digital marketing are covered in over 26 lessons, covering everything from success to basic metrics to content.

The program consists of knowledge-testing quizzes and brief films. There are 40 questions in the final test or quiz. You'll get a digital certificate for your resume and LinkedIn page if you pass the exam. This credential has more to it than for show. Both the Open University and the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe have accredited us. It has 40 hours of study in this 26-module course, which may be finished at your own leisure.

Also, the course is accredited and free, making it a fairly decent offer.

Copyblogger Content Marketing Tools and Training

Copyblogger is a content marketing platform that primarily targets writers. The target market is also not constrained. Copyblogger can assist you whether you're a novice seeking a simple method of learning or a seasoned expert trying to keep up with the most recent trends and viewpoints.

A blog, educational resource, and newsletter all combine to form Copyblogger. Whenever you create an account with Copyblogger, you will receive 20 emails addressing content marketing topics like copywriting and SEO as well as keyword research and more, unlike courses that call for a set time commitment. Instead of feeling obligated to take notes well before the session, you may select when to read since it will be delivered right to your mailbox.

Copyblogger is hugely popular in the realm of content marketing even though it isn't a course in the conventional sense. The quick development of digital marketing techniques is another factor that put it on our list. Although formal education can teach you the fundamentals, the specifics quickly deteriorate. Digital marketers must stay on top of these developments through his blogs like Copyblogger because new tools, fashions, and approaches to thinking are continuously appearing. No issue if you decide it's not for you. But, I strongly advise locating and following related blogs. It has no time restrictions and is a resource rather than a course. Eat as much as you want. Signing up for Copyblogger is simple because it is completely free.


We have compiled a list of some of the top digital marketing programs for 2023 in this article. We offer services for every need and price range, ranging from free seminars to comprehensive graduate programs. Our free courses are a great way to whet your appetite for learning about digital marketing, but eventually, it is up to you to choose which suits your needs.

Do not, however, solely rely on this page and its suggestions. Check out some classes on your own as well. There are many of them out there. Any digital marketing course ultimately depends on the student's effort and commitment. Try it out, and you will see yourself on the other side.

Updated on: 21-Mar-2023


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