What are the differences between Telegram and WhatsApp?

WhatsApp and Telegram are called instant messaging platforms, designed to make communication quick and easy. Both apps are designed for a mobile and web version - that means the conversations can be managed on multiple devices, a feature that is valued highly by users.

Both apps display read and delivery confirmation, as well providing users with the option to create group chats and make voice calls.


The major differences between Telegram and WhatsApp are as follows −

It was launched in 2013It was launched in 2009
In telegram we can do file sharing up to 1.5GBWhatsApp allows file sharing only 16MB.
In one telegram group maximum 200,000 users are allowed.In WhatsApp groups maximum 256 users are allowed.
We can create our own channels in telegram.There is no Option of creating channels in WhatsApp.
If we have the person’s username or phone number we can start chatting with them.In WhatsApp we can chat with the person if we have that person's phone number.
Telegram has around 400 million active users.WhatsApp has around 1.5 billion active users.
In telegram we can forward files without downloading.In WhatsApp we can forward only downloaded files.
Complete secure platformNot a complete secure platform.
We can edit messages and unsent messages any time in telegram.We cannot edit messages and cannot send messages after 1 hour.
We can clear chart history from both sides.We cannot clear the history from the other side.
In telegram we can backup and restore the message because it has cloud storage.In WhatsApp until you opt for a third party there is no cloud storage.
Here we can schedule messages easily.We cannot schedule the messages here.
Telegram is a multi-platform messaging application which allows the user to send encrypted and “self-destructing” messages. So, it is more secure when compared to WhatsApp.People are highly suspicious of the platform’s security capacity of WhatsApp because of the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook.

Telegram better than WhatsApp for the following reasons

  • Telegram provides Unlimited server storage

  • Media compression − Users can prefer compressed or compressed images for sending.

  • Group member number capacity − Telegram efforts maximum members in a group when compared to WhatsApp.

  • Username feature − Without mobile number we can communicate with user with user name in telegram whereas in WhatsApp we cannot communicate with user name, mobile number is must.

  • Multi-platform support

  • Secret chat available in telegram.

  • Telegram supports both Voice calls & Video calls.

  • Send any kind of file with the help of telegram to the user.

Updated on: 17-Mar-2022

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