What are the differences between FDMA and CDMA?

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Let us understand the concepts of FDMA and CDMA before learning the differences between them.

FDMA (frequency division multiple access)

It is the division of the frequency band allocated for wireless cellular telephone communication into 30 channels, each of which can carry a voice conversation or, with digital service, carry digital data.

FDMA is a basic technology in the Analog Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS). In FDMA synchronization bits are not needed for continuous transmission. FDMA needs Tight filtering for minimizing interference. When the channel is not in use then FDMA will be in idle state.

Code-division multiple access (CDMA)

It is an example of multiple accesses, where several transmitters can send information simultaneously over a single communication channel.

This allows several users to share a band of frequencies (see bandwidth). It is power limited system and while people talking, random noise band playing occurs.

GP is high when people speak different languages which are easier to distinguish individual speakers. Here the system performance will be degraded for every user when the number of users increases. The fading would be reduced with a wide frequency spectrum in CDMA.


The major differences between CDMA and FDMA are as follows −

Frequency division multiple access is a channelization protocol in which band of frequency is divided into various frequency bandsCode division multiple accesses are used to transfer or transmit data over the entire frequency all the time.
FDMA does not require unique code.CDMA requires unique code to share data.
In FDMA guard bands between adjacent channels are required.Both guard bands and guard times are necessary.
In FDMA the power efficiency is lowIn CDMA full power efficiency is possible,
In FDMA the synchronization between frequency bands is not required.In CDMA there is no need for synchronization.
In FDMA the mode of data transfer is continuous signal.In CDMA the mode of data transfer is digital signal.
The capacity of the system is low in FDMA.The capacity of the system is large in CDMA.
The data rate in FDMA is low.The data rate in CDMA is high.
The cost of designing in FDMA is very high.The installation cost is high while operating cost is low.
It is less flexible than CDMA.It is more Flexible than FDMA
Given below is the sample image of FDMA − Given below is the sample image of CDMA − 
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