What are the characteristics of a computer network?

Computer Network is a linkage of several computers to share an operating framework, hardware, and data through a transmission approach between them.

Elements of Computer Network

A computer network involves the following elements such as follows −

  • Nodes (Workstations)  The multiple terminals connected to the network sharing the network resources are known as nodes.

  • Server − It can assign a specific node as a central node at a well-known and permanent address to support the network. The node supporting the service is called server.

  • Network Interface Unit − The interpreter which facilitates connecting the server and multiple nodes, is known as the Network Interface Unit. The network interface unit is connected to the server and all departments to maintain the connection.

Features of Computer Network

The main features of computer networks are as follows −

Resource Sharing

The main feature of the computer network is Resource Sharing. It can generate all the programs, information, and hardware available to anyone on the network without treating the resource’s physical area and the user.

Saving Money

The second feature of a computer network is saving money. Small computers have a better value proportion than larger ones. Mainframes are approximately a method ten times faster than the fastest individual-chip microprocessors, but they cost multiple times more.

This imbalance has made numerous system designers build systems, including dynamic personal computers, one per customer, with data kept on at least one shared document server machine.

High Reliability

The third feature is to support high reliability by acquiring a different authority of supply. For example, all files can be recreated on a few machines, and thus if one of them is nonexistent, additional copies could be available

Improve Performance

The fourth feature of a computer network is to improve accessibility and the performance of the system. A system’s performance can be improved by adding one or more processors into it as its workload increases.

For instance, if the system is full, restoring it with a higher one at a large cost, it is superior to insert more processors to it at less cost and less disruption to the client. This improves both accessibilities as well as the performance of a system.

Communication Medium

The fifth feature of the computer network offers a powerful communication medium. The different users on the network can immediately identify a document that has been refreshed on a network.

Updated on: 19-Nov-2021

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