What are some helpful English phrases that can improve my English?

A language can be easily learned by attempting the use of the things you see around, especially the phrases, which can help you improve your written as well as spoken English. The following Idioms belong to the word 'Blue’. Take a look!

Blue-Sky (Fictitious)

Usage − Blue sky thinking will yield nothing.

Bluestocking (A Wise and Educated Lady)

Usage − A bluestocking like her is not approved of by some men.

Make Me Blue

(Depressed, Melancholy)

Usage − That music always makes me blue.

Blue Jokes

(Obscene, Vulgar, Dirty.)

Those blue jokes don’t go over very well around here.

Out of the Blue

(The Sky, The Heavens)

The idea came to me right out of the blue.

Blue Tit

(A European bird with a yellow face but its head and feathers are blue.)

Usage − The Indian zoos do not have blue tits.

Blue Tongue

(A cattle disease in which their tongue and mouth turn blue.)

Bluetongue affects some farm animals, especially sheep and cows.