Learn English Easy in 2020: Everything You Should Know About Learning English

English is the most common language that we ever come across in our daily lives; be it in media, entertainment, education, profession, travel, and other aspects. It means with good knowledge of English; we can lead our lives better and achieve much more than we do without it.

Many of us who fear English would have included learning English in our new year resolutions many times. But, we often neglect to learn English as time passes due to plenty of reasons −

  • Lack of time
  • Fear of being laughed at for speaking wrong English
  • Unaware of the importance of English

Well, as career guidance experts from TutorialsPoint, we have a piece of good news! We will explain to you the benefits of learning English and also guide you on how you can learn English easily, which will sideline these reasons that are stopping you from learning English.

Why should you learn English?

English is NOT the most spoken language in the world. It is the third most spoken language and one in every five persons on the Earth speaks English. Then, when it is not on the top of the list of most spoken languages in the world, why are people so ambitious to learn English? What makes English so popular. Let’s explore −

English is the most common language used for communication

Either in emails, SMSs, social media or news, English is the most used language. It means without the knowledge of English, you lie far behind in getting to know about news and updates. Though English is the third most spoken in terms of the native speakers (whose mother tongue is English), when it comes to the ranking considering the native and non-native speakers, English tops the list. As of November 2018, there are 1.121 billion people all across the world speaking English.

English is one of the criteria for companies while selecting candidates

In the professional arena across the world, it is English that is most oft-spoken. Companies look for candidates with good English skills irrespective of how good they are in academics. In this era of where communication beyond the four walls of the company is mandatory, English skills (both written and verbal) are mandatory for any job aspirant to increase their chances of getting their dream job.

English lets you explore the world

Tourist information, flight information, name boards, maps, etc. are mostly designed in English. If you are a non-native speaker of English and wish to travel to a different country, knowing English makes your life easier. You need not depend on guides or assistants for getting to know things in the new place.

English makes you smarter

Learning multiple languages is good for brain health. It keeps your brain cells active and sharp. And when you communicate in English without any errors, the way other people look at your changes. You will be considered as a more confident and knowledgeable person when you talk fluently in English. Your subject knowledge will be taken seriously and your ideas get the attention they deserve.

Why English is important for students?

Many competitive exams are conducted in English. Subjects such as science, social, math, computers, philosophy, engineering, medicine, law, etc. are all studied and learned in English itself. Thus good knowledge of English helps in attaining a better understanding of all these subjects too.

For students aspiring to higher studies in foreign countries, strong knowledge in English is quintessential. Various exams such as IELTS, PTE, GRE, SAT, GMAT, etc. test English skills at a deep level.

Is English tough to learn?

Not at all. English has a simpler alphabet compared to many other languages in the world. With proper practice and change of your ideology towards English, you can master the language very easily.

How to start learning English?

It all depends on your level - whether you are entirely a beginner or an intermediate learner. Before beginning to learn English, consider the following aspects −

Why do you want to learn English?

  • You want to move ahead in your job

  • You want to score better in subjects

  • You want to crack the entrance exam for higher studies

  • You want to improve only speaking skills

  • You want to learn it as a hobby

  • You are traveling and want to gain an understanding of the language

Once you are clear how you want English to help you in real life and how will English help you in the future, you will obtain clarity to move ahead in your English learning journey.

How should you start learning English?

It depends on the level to which you want to learn English.

Communication − If you want to learn English for daily communication orally, focus on words and start using them. Observe advertisements, watch English movies with subtitles, news scrolls, newspaper headlines, and other news that interest you. Once you gained a grip on using words, focus on phrases, grammar, and pronunciation.

Grammar − If you are a student wishing to crack an exam or to score more in your exams, focus on grammar. Start learning the basics of grammar and then incorporate its usage in your daily life conversations.

Written − If as a part of your academics you are expected to be good at English, after learning grammar rules, you have to start practicing it as much as possible. Practice writing essays or blogs on your ideas in good English and in no time, you will gain confidence in English and its grammar.

Speaking − To speak well, you should focus on listening to good English. You can watch video tutorials on how to learn English, how to speak fluently in English, and carefully observe the pronunciation. Hearing speeches, movies, TV shows, news, etc. will also help you to gain expertise, but you should do this only once you gain hands-on confidence in grammar and the usage of words.

Learn English easily in 2020

English is not tough at all. If it were tough, how shall billions of people across the globe are speaking it! All that you need is little confidence and good guidance to learn English. Never be afraid to speak what you learned. When learning a new language, mistakes are prone to occur and that’s a good sign that you are progressing.

TutorialsPoint recognized the need to make learning English simple and easy. To help our learners achieve their dream to learn English in 2020, we are introducing free online videos that teach English simply and effectively. You can also check our guide on common errors in English and improve your English speaking skills.

Updated on: 11-Nov-2019


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