How can I improve my spoken English?

No one can deny the value of English in the current era where it becomes difficult to survive without the knowledge of this precious language. Moreover, you receive a fine bouquet of respect and honor by folks around you if you are a good orator of this language. Knowing English also gives you a great social status and adds value to your personality.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to speak in English. But how? Because, for some, it’s extremely difficult to utter even a few words in English when asked. They literally start trembling. But what? Speaking in English is must as many of them have their interviews scheduled after completing their grads, some are planning to go abroad and many want to kick off their own venture but English again becomes a barricade as they have to interact with their clients sitting at some remote venue. So, how to learn English, quickly and efficiently? Following tips can help you:

Speak! Speak and Only Speak!

Yes, remember one thing that you can learn English only when you speak. Being passive would not help you and no teacher can tell you the recipe to learn this overnight. Have you ever been in a company of a two years old kid? Fortunately, if you have then you must have seen them uttering words, imitate,

Start with Uttering

Have you ever been in a company of a two-year-old kid? Fortunately, if you have then you must have seen them uttering words. They don’t seem to be in hurry. They know well that they have to take their (baby) steps. They start with alphabets, then words and gradually sentences and the miracle takes place. You find them speaking amazingly after a couple of months.

Go and Make Mistakes

Making a mistake means you are putting efforts and to acquire this language, you have to keep on committing mistakes. But ensure you correct those mistakes simultaneously. Be open to feedback and try not to take the same path again.

Imitate Others

Imitating others can be foolish but not for the one who is learning a language. Imitate those who you think have good command over the language. Join and observe them how they start, maintain a flow, articulate and put their thoughts in front of others.

Have Your Grammar Strong

Once you get rid of your hesitation, ensure what you speak should be grammatically correct. For that, you can take help from grammar websites, apps or tools available online. Besides, a small handy book, which covers grammar in an easy way can also be a good option. Remember, correct usage of English not only establishes you as a good orator but also adds value to your speech.

Correct Your Pronunciation

Alike grammar, the correct pronunciation is also essential for an English speaker. It reminds me of a well-known story in which an Indian visits America and rents a house. One day his landowner visits his place and our Indian folk keeps some snacks in the living area just to please the owner.

While the guy was working in his kitchen, the owner enters and the guy shouts from the kitchen, “I have left some snakes (snacks) in the hole (hall), please tak (take)”. So, you see how mispronouncing not only changes the whole meaning but can also make you lose a house.

Avoid Wearing any Accent

During the ten years of providing English training, I have observed learners try to put on some exotic accent at the very beginning of their journey to impress others. Having an accent is good but not necessary in my opinion. It actually deviates you from your core route. You need to have some hold on the language, grammar, and its fundaments first. Flaunting an accent only looks beautiful when you have command over a language.

Start Thinking In English

This seems to be slightly difficult for a non-native but not very difficult. You can start thinking in English by practice. The biggest advantage of the practice would be you will not only ruminate English but also make you efficient enough to correct yourself. Did you just say “How” within? :)

Join A Group

Many experts may suggest you that English learners should join a group of learners; however, I would stress on joining a group of advanced learners. Advanced learners are those who already have a substantial command over the language and they might help you correcting whenever needed. Moreover, you will learn the correct usage of the language.

All the best!!

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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