What are Satellite Microwaves in computer networks?

There are two types of microwaves in computer networks. These are as follows −

  • Terrestrial microwave
  • Satellite microwave

Let us discuss satellite microwaves in detail.

Satellite Microwave

It is used for broadcasting and receiving signals. The signals are transmitted to space where these satellites are positioned and it retransmits the signal to the appropriate location.

It acts as a repeater as it only receives the signal and retransmits it. The satellites should be aligned properly with the earth for this system to work. It is a physical object which revolves around the earth at a known height.

Satellite communication is more flexible and reliable nowadays than cable and fibre optic systems.

With the help of satellite communication, we can communicate with any point on the globe. It accepts the signal which is transmitted from the earth station, and it amplifies the signal.

The amplified signal is retransmitted to another earth station.

Given below is the diagram of satellite microwave −


The advantages of satellite microwave are as follows −

  • The satellite microwave coverage areas are more than the terrestrial microwave.

  • The satellite transmission cost is independent of the distance from the Centre of the coverage area.

  • This type of communication is used in mobile and wireless communication applications.

  • It is easy to install.

  • Satellite microwave transmission used in a wide variety of applications such as weather forecasting, radio/TV signal broadcasting, mobile communication, etc.


The disadvantages of satellite microwave are as follows −

  • The designing and development of satellite microwaves requires more time and higher cost.

  • These waves always need to be monitored and controlled on regular periods so that it remains in orbit.

  • The life of the satellite is about 12-15 years. Because of this reason, another launch of the satellite has to be planned before it becomes non-functional.

Updated on: 15-Sep-2021

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