VersionOne - Templates

VersionOne Templates allow creating and maintaining a grid-formatted repository. In this repository, it contains common, reusable stories/backlog items or defects. Using this grid, a user can −

  • Create and manage story templates.

  • Create and manage defect templates.

  • Assign common repetitive tasks and tests to existing backlog items.

  • Export templates to other projects.

Add a Template

Template helps to maintain uniformity throughout the project. It helps to write all the required and optional details at one place. Usually, the Project Leads or users in higher positions of the hierarchy can add a template. In this section, we will discuss about how to add a template −

Follow these steps to add a template −

  • Go to Product Planner → Templates as shown below. It opens the Template page.

  • Click the Add Backlog Item Template or click the Add Defect Template. The Backlog Item (Template) or the Defect (Template) page opens.

Add Backlog Item Template
  • Enter the template information into the appropriate fields (the required fields are Title and Project).

  • In the Defect template, the Resolution and the Resolution Details are added.

  • Click on Save. The template gets added into the project.

Template Gets Added

Create a Story/Defect from Template

Once a template is created, user can add story/defect using the same. User can utilize template to add details. In this section, we will discuss how to create backlog item using the existing template.

Follow these steps to create a story/defect from the template −

  • Go to the Product Planners → Templates. It opens the template page.

  • To add a story, click on existing template from Backlog Item Templates. Or,

  • To add a defect, click on existing template from Defect Templates as shown below −

Defect Templates
  • It displays the template details.

  • User can click on Edit and change the details if required.

  • After editing click on Edit Dropdown → Generate Backlog Item to add a story.

  • It will add the story and move the story into project. Upon clicking Generate Backlog Item, a user can see a new Story ID.

Following screenshots display before generating a story from template −

Generate Backlog Item

Following screenshot displays after generating a story from template −

Call Center Product

Similarly, a user can add a defect from the template.

  • Click on Edit to change details.

  • Now, click on Edit Dropdown → Generate Defect.

  • It provides a unique defect id and the defect moves to the project.

Move a Template to another Project

VersionOne provides unique feature to move an existing template to another project. One template can be used across all projects to maintain uniformity at the company level.

Follow these steps to move a template to another project −

  • Go to Product Planner → Templates. It opens the Template page.

  • Check the checkbox of the template that needs to be moved.

  • After checking the checkbox, Click on the Move To Project button as shown below −

  • A pop-up window appears wherein, a user selects the project to move the template. Now, click on the Move button as shown below. It will move the current template to another project.

Move to Project