VersionOne - Features

In this chapter, we will discuss the different features of VersionOne. The main feature of VersionOne is to attract QAs and other stakeholders for Agile management.

VersionOne Core Features

VersionOne provides a wide range of features that prove beneficial to the Agile Project team. It does not only support Project management but also how to do day to day activities in case team is not situated locally. It provides a software solution to implement agile within the globally situated team.

Following table lists down the core features of VersionOne −

Sr.No. Core Features Description
1 Testing Supports
  • VersionOne supports the following test methodologies −
    • Agile Testing − Full Life Cycle Black box testing
    • Exploratory Testing
    • Functional/Manual Testing
    • Automation Testing
2 Centralize & organize
  • VersionOne tool can create, centralize, organize and manage test cases very effectively and efficiently.
  • It can easily import test cases from Excel and other management tool.
  • It can create multiple versions of test cases for comparison and uses
  • It can do planning of releases and sprints.
3 Manage & Track Progress
  • It supports build out and re-run of test execution suites.
  • It kicks off automation suite as well.
  • It captures step-by-step progress of sprint/release with detailed explanation.
  • It supports day-to-day progress and individual contribution.
4 Notification
  • Email can be sent for a particular task/communication to users.
  • Voting and watching features to keep an eye on progress for stakeholders.
  • Use @mention to get attention of specific team member at Comments/Description.
5 Power Search
  • VersionOne supports powerful search functionality with Hotkeys features.
  • Supports free text search.
  • Supports syntax search.
6 Reports
  • VersionOne supports multiple reporting.
  • It supports Burndown, Velocity and Test Trends report.
  • Generate detailed summary report for projects, release and sprints.
  • Track the workload of entire team as well as individual.
  • It supports Cross Project Report as well.
7 Scale with Team Growth
  • VersionOne supports any business team and any project irrespective of size and complexity.
8 Integration
  • VersionOne supports more than 80 pre-built integration to connect with different software’s to make work easy.
  • Wide range of add-ins makes it universal across the globe – JIRA, BugZilla, ALM, GitHub, Borland, CA, Hudson, Jenkins, Visual Studio etc.
  • It also supports Salesforce, Microsoft, Zendesk.
9 Common Features
  • It supports sticky sidebars.
  • It supports rich text formatting.
  • It helps in optimizing printing.
  • It helps in scheduling and forecasting.
10 Recover Data
  • It helps in generating and downloading full system backups.
  • Migrate and import existing test cases from Excel and legacy data tool.
  • Export data into CSV, XML and Excel files.