VersionOne - Notification

Notification is subscription based. Subscription allows controlling the types of notifications a user receives. It is based on the event types that a user subscribes to. For example, if a user wants to know when a work item is assigned to him, he can set up a subscription to notify. User can also subscribe when a story is closed or even when the status of a defect changes. This way, a user can keep track of the things.


To get a notification, a user needs to subscribe to the notification service first. Until it is not subscribed, a user cannot receive any notification. In this section, we will discuss how to subscribe for a specific notification.

  • To view the user’s subscription for notification, go to My Home → Subscription as shown below −

  • In the My Subscription page, a user can see the subscriptions made by him.

  • In the Notification Types, a user can see all type of notification that can be subscribed for.

  • To subscribe for a notification, click on the Subscribe button present at the right side as shown below −

Notification Types
  • It opens a pop-up wherein, a user can enter Title, Description, select Project, Owner and Team to narrow down the subscription.

  • Now, click on the Subscribe button as shown below −

My Subscriptions

Delete a Subscription

Whenever a user wants to stop receive any notification, he should delete the notification at the subscription page. In this section, we will discuss how to delete a subscription.

  • To delete a subscription, go to My Home → Subscription.

  • At My Subscription, click on the Edit dropdown at the right side.

  • Select Delete from the available options and it de-subscribe the notification as shown in the screenshot below −