VersionOne - Sprint Planning

Sprint Planning is also known as Iteration Planning. In this planning, agile team identifies the features to be worked on during a sprint. A planning meeting takes place at the beginning of every sprint. The team discusses the highest remaining prioritized backlog items and breaks them down into specific tasks and tests. Team also estimates the effort to complete them. Velocity and the teams past performance are used to determine the amount of work the team schedules into the sprint and commits to. Team members typically sign up for initial tasks during the meeting and later pick up additional tasks if time permits during the sprint.

Sprint Planning is based on three pillars −

  • Sprint Scheduling − In this phase, the team pulls the work that can be delivered from prioritize backlog.

  • Detail Planning − Workitem lists in the sprint with all the associated tasks and tests.

  • Member Planning − Current sprint work rolled up per member; it is the average capacity planning.

These can be accessed by navigating Team Planner → (Under Sprint Planning) Sprint Scheduling/Detail Planning/Member Planning as shown in the screenshot below −