VersionOne - Collaboration

In this chapter, we will learn how collaboration takes place with VersionOne. As soon as sprint/project team is formatted, they can utilize the collaboration tools to keep update and track of sprint/project.


To access the collaboration tools, click on the Collaboration symbol present at the side menu bar as shown below −

A user can see the different communities at the left side along with where they are members of and conversation is another tool in collaboration.


Community stands for VersionOne community. All members of VersionOne are part of this. They can access articles, blog or other important details here.

  • A Topic is an article content within a community. Topics contain agreements, best practices and documents that promote the Agile.

  • To view a topic, select the community present at the left side under Community section.

  • Click on View to view one of the topics with all its details. Consider the following screenshot to understand the step −

  • Once the details of the topic displays, double-click anywhere in the content or click on the edit symbol at the top right to start editing the content. After editing click on Save button. User even can edit title of the content.

  • At the bottom of the content, a user can attach paperwork by clicking on the Add Attachment button. The max file size is 4 MB.

  • A user can start a conversation under the conversation section.

The following screenshot displays how to work with content −

Add Attachment
  • A user can even delete a topic with the required permission.

  • To delete a topic, click on View to expand the topic content.

  • At the top right, the delete symbol is present, click there as shown below −

Delete This Topic
  • It opens the Delete Confirmation pop-up.

  • When a user clicks on Delete, it deletes the topic.

The following screenshot displays the delete pop-up −

Delete Pop-Up