VersionOne - Conversation

Conversation is one of the important features of VersionOne. It connects all members, stakeholders and others to actively participate and collaborate.

Access and Participate

In this section, we will discuss how to access and participate in a conversation.

  • Conversation occurs at the left side of each backlog item and defect.

  • It appears in the Team Room and the Planning Room.

  • Conversation can be accessed through the Collaboration tab as well.

  • For starting and replying in a conversation, a user can enter the message in the left side of the conversation box.

  • To mention the team members in a conversation, type the first 3 characters of the name, it displays all the matched names.

  • Select the name. A user can select multiple team members one by one.

  • Once the selection is done, click on Share to start a conversation.

  • If the email notification is enabled in preferences, all added members will get an email for the conversation. They will receive the email if any other member comments/replies to the same conversation.

Following screenshot displays how to use conversations

Conversations Sample