VersionOne - Search

VersionOne supports the search functionality, it helps to find specific details within VersionOne as well as narrow down the displayed details.

Search functionality is categorized into two −

  • Quick Search − Search for open workitems, Conversations and Community Topics.

  • Advanced Search − If a user wants to search Closed or Deleted Workitems, use Advanced Search.

Quick Search

Quick search is simply a wild card search where VersionOne tries to get all records that fulfil the text match. Follow these steps for quick search −

  • Quick Search is located at utility bar, on the top of every page.

  • It searches open workitems, conversations and community topics.

  • A user can type 3 characters or ID into the search text box. If a user pauses after typing 3 characters, a preview of matching Open workitems displays. If a user keeps typing, the matching results become more refined.

The following screenshot displays how to use quick search −

Backlog Item Defects

Advance Search

VersionOne supports the advance search functionality. It helps to provide specific data that a user wants to search. Follow these steps for advance search −

  • In advance search, a user can search specific asset type, closed and deleted workitems as well.

  • To open the Advanced Search page, click on Quick Search box and then press ENTER/RETURN key.

  • Alternatively, a user can click on the Search icon present after the search text box as shown below −


The Advanced Search page opens in a new window. A user can type a word that is to be searched and click on Search.

  • Additionally, before/after clicking search, a user can narrow down the search further by selecting the Open/Closed/Delete checkboxes. Following screenshot displays how to do advance search −

Advanced Search

Additional Options

In this section, we will discuss the additional options to search data.

  • Change the sort order − Click on a column header to change the sort order. By default, the search results are sorted by the items most recently changed.

  • View results by asset type − Click on a tab to filter the list by asset type.

  • View item details − Click on an item to open the details page.