Ubuntu - Word Writer

The Word Writer comes in-built in Ubuntu and is available in the Software launcher.

Word Writer

The icon is encircled in red in the above screenshot. Once we click on the icon, the writer will launch.

Launch Writer

We can start typing in the Writer as we normally would do in Microsoft Word.

Start Typing

Saving Documents

To save a document, just click on the save menu option as shown in the following screenshot.

Save Document

Specify the location, the name of the file and then click the Save button.

Specify Location

Creating New Documents

To create a new document, choose the new menu option as shown in the following screenshot. It shows an option to create various types of documents.

Creating New Documents

Opening an Existing Document

To open an existing document, choose the option of opening an existing document from the file menu options as shown in the following screenshot. The option icon is encircled in red.

Open Existing Document

Once the open menu option is clicked, it presents a dialog box with an option to choose the file which needs to be opened. Click on the desired file and then click Open.

Open Menu Option

Working with Tables

Tables can be inserted using the Insert table option as shown in the following screenshot.

Insert Table

Once the table has been added, we can then work on the table as we would on Microsoft Word.

Table Added

To add additional rows and columns work to the table, right-click on the table and choose the various table options available.

Add Additional Rows and Columns

You can also work with the format of the text using the various font options in the toolbar of Word Writer.

Font Options
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