Ubuntu - Files and Folders

To open the file like explorer in Ubuntu, click the Files option in the software launcher. In the following screenshot the Files icon is encircled in red.

Open File

On clicking the icon, the following screen which is the File like explorer in Ubuntu opens up.

Click Icon

Creating a Folder

Step 1 − To create a folder, choose a location where the folder needs to be created.

Step 2 − Then right-click and choose the option of New Folder.

New Folder Option

Step 3 − Provide a name for the folder accordingly.

Provide Folder Name

Renaming a Folder

Step 1 − To rename a folder, right-click the folder which needs to be renamed.

Step 2 − Right-click and choose the rename option from the context menu.

Choose Rename Option

Step 3 − Provide the new name of the folder accordingly.

Provide New Name

Note − There are other options such as move or copy the folder or move the folder to trash.

Seeing the Properties of a File

To see the properties of a file, right-click the file and choose the Properties option from the context menu.

See Properties File

Using the option, we can view the properties of the file and modify the permissions of the file accordingly as shown in the following screenshot.

View Properties
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